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as you can see in my last entry ... I had all sorts of clever reasons why California Chrome could not win the Derby

Despite this, from the moment the gates opened, I had eyes for no one else... and he destroyed the Kentucky Derby field just as easily as he did the Santa Anita Derby field, million-dollar Kentucky bluebloods and all.

I did hit the Oaks-Derby double but had the wrong horses underneath in the tri and super... so no big payday for me.

I have to also mention the brave performance of Wise Dan, two-time Horse of the Year, winner of the Woodford Turf at a distance that is beyond his optimum.

And now on to Maryland!!

(Incidentally: I have decided that when I ride my Rodeo Rider Core Trainer during the race, it causes my horses to win.)


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May. 18th, 2014 09:24 am (UTC)
And now the preakness! Keep riding the rrct during the race!

I kept meaning to reply to this after the derby but never got around to it.

Okay, first my much delayed derby comments:
I was nervous at the beginning of the derby (listening on radio while driving, so couldn't see what hte horses looked like running) until I heard the fractions, then I thought California Chrome was getting a perfectly set up race, and if he was the horse I thought he was, and if he was handling the track, and if nothing weird happened, then I was sure he was going to win. And it turns out he was, he did, and it idn't. so yay!

After going back and looking at the derby later, I thought Ride On Curlin & Danza had the most danger potential for future races, tho I was pretty sure California Chrome was the best 3 year old a mile and a quarter or less (honestly, despite the smooth running style and ability to carry speed a distance, I now think he could outsprint the sprinters, so this goes for any distance 7 furlongs and up).

I still don't understand why no one was picking Curlin on the prerace analysis; I thought shoulda been the clear 2d choice and had a legit chance to win, since there was a LOT of speed in this race and CC likes being close to pace, so the race figured to set up perfectly for him. Fortunately, while fast enough, the first half wasn't crazy fast, and even tho the mile was very fast it was obviously well within California Chrome's ability to handle. Sounded likee great finish.

Also, kudos to Social Inclusion for gutsiness. after getting put away and left by CC still kept battling and held on for 3rd in stretch. I think a very nice horse, just not sure will ever beat top competition beyond a mile and an eighth, if that far. At that distance needs a weight break or a drop in class (or cut back a mile) to get a win and get his confidence back up. Or some training sims to do the same.

Belmont? Who knows how that will play out. Curlin, Commanding Curve, Wicked STrong & Dance with Fate all might fare better with the extra quarter. Danza is simply not as good as California Chrome butis a very good horse and will be fresher. Have no clue about totality, did not see the peter pan.

And that is my typed as fast as can musings without having yet actually watched the preakness, just heard it.

Anyway, very happy about the triple crown races thus far. =)
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