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Stealing the Sun

Also on Amazon. Kindle will be available shortly.

This one was born out of my watching (ages ago, obviously) the first Lord of the Rings movie and then going back to Tolkien's work, which I encountered at age 7 and was obsessed with.

Stealing the Sun started as a subversion of, a commentary on, some of Tolkien's themes. It is NOT, and never was, fanfic. It is completely my own.

As I wrote it, I found that my own ideas, my own visions, took over. The Sun Saga is anti-royalist and anti-war, but not anti- the characters whose circumstances place them, sometimes reluctantly and sometimes not, in the roles of kings, queens, and warriors. It is about a species who have no gender roles (homophobes.... just don't read this) and who at one time were able to shapechange, a skill which a few of them rediscover. It is about climate change and threatened species extinction. It's set in a landscape based on the wild ecosystems of California.



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Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:45 pm (UTC)
Oh my gosh, Kyri, this is so awesome! I remember critting this back on the OWW, and I loved it then and can't wait to read more! Woohoo!
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